Inauguration of EOU PLANT - I

The EOU plant, the second phase of development at Phoenix Mecano India, Pirangut, Pune was launched in December 2005. Work was completed on schedule, within a remarkably short span of time despite the hurdles that cropped up on the way.The inauguration ceremony of the EOU plant took place on the 9th May 2006. Guest of honour, MD Rose Systemteknic GmbH & Head of Enclosure Division, Mr Schaadt did the honours while Dr. Metzger, a constant support and guiding person through the progress of the company looked on. The official inauguration was followed by a Arya Samaj Pooja to bless the new unit.

See below are a few photographs from the day:

Mr Schaadt cuts the ribbon, inaugurating the new EOU Plant at PMI, Pirangut, Pune.

Mr Schaadt has a word with the staff. Mr. Malavankar pays keen attention to his words.

Mr Amol Gawde conducts the pooja under the guidance of Arya Samaj pandit, Pandit N. Arya.

Dr. Metzger gets acquainted with the secular rituals and practices of the Arya Samaj.

Unveiling the plaque at the EOU Plant, PMI, Pirangut, Pune.

Standing tall and proud at the EOU Plant, PMI – Mr Kossmann, Mr Malavankar, Mr Eissfeller,
Mr Schaadt, Mr Shukla and Dr. Metzger.

During the pooja – Mr Amol Gawde, Mrs & Ms. Shrivastava, Mr Dhruva Waikar, Mr Prasad Kodolikar, Mr Dattatray Pawar.

The PMI flags billow proudly in the background – seen in front :- Mr Eissfeller, Dr. Metzger, Mr Malavankar, Mr Gawde, Mr Shukla, Mr Schaadt, Mr Kossmann and Mr. Poundarik.