Inauguration of EOU PLANT - II

Three years after inaugurating the new premises of Phoenix Mecano India at Pirangut, Pune,
Mr. B.Goldkamp(CEO, Phoenix Mecano AG) returned to inaugurate the second EOU plant on
the 3rd July 2007.

After the traditional, Mr. Goldkamp and Dr. J. Metzger (COO, Phoenix Mecano AG) proceeded to the new EOU plant where Mr. B. Goldkamp did the honours, cutting the ribbon and unveiling the plaque to the applause of the entire staff of Phoenix Mecano India. He, then inspected the new unit and saw the progress made by the company in three short years along with Mr Saurabh Shukla (MD Phoenix Mecano India)!

See below are a few photographs from the day:

A traditional welcome for Mr. B. Goldkamp and Dr. J. Metzger with tikka & garland.

Dr. J. Metzger, Mr. B. Goldkamp &
Mr S. Shukla at the new EOU plant.

Mr. Benedict Goldkamp unveiling the plaque
to inaugurate the second EOU plant.

The staff of Phoenix Mecano India - looking ahead to new challenges.