About Phoenix Mecano India

Phoenix Mecano India Private Limited was set-up in 1994 to develop a local market for the products made by the Phoenix Mecano Group and to source components from India for our production hubs in Europe. Since then the company has covered a long and enriching journey. The company today is a leading provider of the components and services for challenging industrial environments.

The products of Phoenix Mecano India are used extensively in India by leading players, key industries such as Automotive, Machinery, Oil & Gas, Defence, Power Distribution, Electronics & White Goods Manufacturing and Renewable Energy.

With a vision to deliver competitive solutions, Phoenix Mecano India has evolved as a company providing effective localized solutions developed in close cooperation with customer and supported by the rich experience of the parent companies. Customer proximity is one of our key focus; our meticulous importance to Relationship has formed long-lasting relations with customers, built on trust and confidence.

Our Values


Continuous improvement has become a part of our evolution , the company’s long-term objective of achieving operational excellence constantly, drive us to realize how essential it is to deliver high-quality components and services to its customers with ever increasing & improving efficiency; hence we pledge to deliver optimal solution and create prolonged improvement system to measure our performance.

What sets Phoenix Mecano India apart from the competition is our efforts to go an extra mile to understand our customers’ need – and then respond by delivering the right solution with high quality constantly. It is a commitment that we will never go back on.

Phoenix Mecano India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phoenix Mecano AG, Switzerland.

Phoenix Mecano India’s Operating Divisions

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Industrial  Components

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