Profile Technology

The industrial aluminium profile system is the result of years of application experience and is characterized by extraordinary flexibility and proven reliability.

The range includes construction, functional and heavy-duty profiles. The options for combination are almost unlimited. Special connection components make it possible to install profiles without prior mechanical processing, and thus saves preparation and installation time.

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Linear Technology

Whether guiding, adjusting, positioning or moving uniformly, the demands on linear motion sequences are as varied as the available solutions. The linear technology comprises a broad range of linear units: from single or twin-tube units for simple manual operation and occasional use to automatic profile axes for frequent movement and highly dynamic positioning systems for constant use. The linear technology range also includes electrical lifting columns for height adjustment on work benches, control stations, devices and medical equipment. Electric cylinders in various sizes and designs, as an alternative to pneumatic cylinders, round off the linear technology range.

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Connecting Technology

The clampable tube connectors are a cost-efficient solution for the positive and ready detachable connection of a diverse variety of systems – without the need for drilling and welding. Depending on the field of application and the expected load, Phoenix Mecano offers tube connectors made of plastic (Light Clamps), aluminium (Solid Clamps) or stainless steel (Robust Clamps). The Solid Clamps tube connector system also includes the monitor mounting for the fixation and ergonomic adjustment of monitors and touch screens used in industrial applications.

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Pipes and Joints

Phoenix Mecano India in collaboration with G.S. ACE South Korea has started to provide single window solutions to customers, especially in fields of material handling and assembly in mass production set-ups.
G.S. ACE is a leading global player in supplying and manufacturing high quality and cost-effective pipe and joints systems.

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Conveyor System

To take our solutions further in factory automation, we have partnered with FlexMove to supply modular chain conveyors. It provides very high flexibility in space constraint set up for industries like Automotive, FMCG, Food / Beverages and Pharmaceutical.

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Actuation Drives

Providing solutions for comfortable beddings and seating requirements, Phoenix Mecano offers products as actuation drives for home and healthcare industry. Catering to the nursing and medical sectors, our products provide customized system configurations and system solutions adapted to your requirements. Whether it is adjustable nursing beds or height adjustable seats, our drives and accessories enhance the capabilities and user-friendliness of your furnishings.

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