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Phoenix Mecano India Pvt. Ltd. – a leading manufacturer of Aluminium Enclosures in India, offers standard as well as highly customised solutions to meet the diverse application needs for customer. Our comprehensive range of Aluminium enclosures find application in various industries … Control, Monitoring and Display instrument manufacturer where-in sensitive electronics needs to be protected suitably or be in Oil & Gas, Power, Cement, Steel plants where in custom made Junction box or Local control stations are manufactured for challenging environment. Our aesthetically and smartly designed Aluminium enclosures are suitable for applications in new age industry like Internet of Things (IOT), Smart Transportation, Marine and Process Automation. Other industry which demands our highly robust Aluminium enclosures is Defence and Railways, wherein ruggedized custom made solutions are provided for real challenging application.

Our key strength lies in understanding and deep knowledge on the application needs of diverse industry segment and supplying tailor-made solutions in small, medium and large lots as per the customer’s need.

Aluminium Enclosures for Every Application

Phoenix Mecano India manufactures wide range of aluminium enclosures… from as small as 45 x50 x 30mm to as big as 600 x 600 x 200 mm, (more than 40 sizes) using pressure die casting method.

The special alloy used as well pre-treatment and powder coating process needs special mention as they go a long way in giving these enclosures extremely high operating life be in any surrounding… from highly corrosive environment to chemically abrasive surrounding.

The aesthetics of our enclosures and reliability of supply (as we have a very robust manufacturing process) are couple of parameters which makes us a long term partner to our clients.

The special tongue and grove design at lid and base interference and specific gaskets used for diverse application (normal application, high temperature application or EMC compliance requirement) ensures the enclosure provides IP66 class of protection as the minimum. Under specific request from customer IP67 and IP68 class protection is also possible for our enclosures.

Aesthetically Designed Modern Day Enclosures

The Alufrom and AluformPlus range of enclosures are a further refinement of our standard aluminium enclosures which combines elegant styling with reliable protection for making modern day electronics look attractive but yet ensure reliability and robustness.

Why Us?

Phoenix Mecano India Pvt. Ltd. has been for 25 years has been a manufacturing and engineering hub for its flagship group company ROSE Systemtechnik Germany, manufacturing, designing industry and customer specific solutions as well as producing the Aluminium enclosures & junction box in the state of the art fully forward-integrated production facility located at Pune (India).

We have the competence to provide optimized solutions for empty enclosures as well as value added junction boxes. Any customization request from simple machining, such as tapped holes, to viewing windows and fine engravings, install components including terminals, buttons, switching elements and electronic modules etc., we will be pleased to support you with our knowledge, experience and our products.

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