Women of Phoenix Mecano

It is the women today who are remarkably creating milestones of successes in their respective fields in spite of facing challenges. Be it balancing their work – family life, safe work environment, equality, independence, career growth or social and psychological pressure of the people around them. We would like to foster female interest in the industry and exemplify the potential that exists in women. We believe women employees constitute the largest pool of “untapped talent” that could be our answer to the predicted manufacturing skills gap.

Here are the Women of Phoenix Mecano who pushed all the barriers and have been making huge strides in building and promoting our manufacturing industry.

Ankita Punjabi

Manager – Human Assets

Ankita is one true personality with exceptional intrapersonal skills which empowers her to process tasks from simplest to the most complex.

Aparna Dhore

Company Secretary

Aparna is one of the most ambitious and hardworking employee Phoenix Mecano has. She understands the importance of critical projects and makes sure the best results are oriented in sufficed time.

Archana Nawale

Executive Customer Support

Archana has excellent interpersonal skills. She is a good listener and makes sure the customers are served right. Her strong communication skills help Phoenix Mecano establish healthy sustained relation with clients and customers.

Ayushi Sisodia

Sales administration Executive

Her accuracy in handling tasks with professionalism is worth appreciating

Jyoti Kamble

First Impression Officer

She is hard working and self-motivated. Her go-getter attitude makes her anticipate the company’s needs and work hard to fulfil them on time.

Ketaki Deshmukh

Marketing Executive

Her creative and collaborative skills won her the designation of a Marketing Executive. Her strong communication and management skills ease customer relationships.

Komal Rathore

Sales administration Executive

Komal’s strong organizational and time management skills support her role as a sales admin to deliver high standards of customer service.

Megha Joshi

Assistant Manager PPC

Her effective communication skills and commitment to work ethics build a positive work environment. She is smart and uses her knowledge to achieve the best results.

Preeti Poojari

Executive Assistant to MD & Senior Admin Officer

A perfect example of organized mind, Preeti has her brain trained to adapt many situations at the same time. She is one true multitasker.

Preety Malvadkar

HR Executive

Preety is a result oriented person and knows exactly how to keep focus on the action flowing towards best results. She is driven to flexibility at work and performs tasks with utter enthusiasm.
Rasika Kale

Rasika Kale

Sales Co-ordinator

Rasika is a people person amongst her colleagues. She is hardworking and delivers her work in timely manner. As a colleague, she is appreciated for her never say die attitude. May she continue to climb the ladder of success

Renuka Kulkarni

Sr. Sales Co-ordinator

Renuka has the most profound knowledge of process development. Her ability to identify, analyze, and improve the shortcomings of the project makes her an ideal Sr. Sales Co-Ordinator.

Sharada Joshi

First Impression Officer

She always makes sure the employees get what they want, she constantly changes the work environment for the better.

Ankita Punjabi

Manager – Human Assets

Ankita is one true personality with exceptional intrapersonal skills which empowers her to process tasks from simplest to the most complex.

Sharmily Vishwanathan

Application Engineer

She might be the most talkative woman of Phoenix Mecano, but we all envy her for the hard work and dedication she shows towards the company.

Supriya Bochare

Head – Sales Admin

Being a Sales Admin, Supriya has excellent communication skills. She knows exactly where to put her words into action and manage a strong relationship with team members, clients, and customers.

Vaishali Itraj

Sr. Sales Co-ordinator

By talking through the situation, she can turn others around with her delicate power of persuasion. Her charisma empowers her to handle difficult situation and deliver outstanding customer services.

Madhuri Harpude

Her problem solving ability and social skills make her a prominent team player among her colleagues.

Rekha Dolas

Rekha is well-known for her punctuality and love for knowing new things. She has a friendly nature and adapt quick learning skills.

Rekha Nayase

Rekha is a self-motivated woman. She knows her responsibilities and work with dedication to fulfil the needs.

Shobha Dhumal

Shobha delivers her work with commitment. She understand her responibilties very well and leave no stone unturned to fulfill them.

Sundermani Mohorana

Her strong positive attitude and hardworking nature is worth appreciating.

Sunita Pote

Sunita is committed towards her work and is consistent in her performance.

Umadevi Kushwah

Her quick learning ability and dedication towards work is worth appreciating.

Manufacturing has a reputation of being mainly for men, but for women at Phoenix Mecano India, it’s a way of everyday life! We are persistently growing and striving for excellence in ways to better serve our customers by creating an environment of optimism, collaboration, and resourcefulness. We could not be more grateful to have these women on our team who truly make a lasting impact at Phoenix Mecano India

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